Bayer Fund

Grant fuels students’ bellies and minds

Marshall School 1

Marshall, Saskatchewan – The Marshall School isn’t only a place for students to come and learn. It’s also a place where they can depend on a well-balanced meal every morning at the Breakfast Program.

“Our students come from very different socio-economic backgrounds, but we believe every child should have access to food and that full bellies lead to full minds,” says vice-principal, Tina Pero.

To continue feeding the 100 students who come for breakfast Monday to Friday, Pero and the school’s Wellness Program members are thankful for a $2,500 grant from Bayer’s Canada’s Farmers Grow Communities (CFGC) program.

Pero says the money was used to purchase kitchen equipment and groceries, which allowed the staff to cook breakfasts ranging from French toast, to ham and eggs, to fruit and cereal.

“As an educator, I know students can’t learn if they’re hungry and knowing I can control that is just an awesome feeling,” she said.

It was Mary Klassen from Lane Klassen Farm Ltd. — a local farm growing wheat, canola, pea, barley and oat crops — who nominated Marshall School.

“We were invited to a fundraiser there and I was so touched by the efforts the staff and community have put into supporting and funding the program,” she said.

When she found out CFGC had selected her nomination, Klassen says she was thrilled and knew it was going to a program that would really benefit from it.

“This [CFGC] is such a great program that’s helping farmers reach out and support local programs…It lets our communities know how much farmers and the ag industry care about the people who we are working hard to feed,” Klassen says.