Bayer Fund

Grant helps provide care for “farmer’s best friend”

Across Canada, non-profit organizations strengthen small towns with all kinds of projects dedicated to helping individuals. In the case of Valley Mastiff Rescue, those individuals happen to be of the furry variety.

In 2014, Valley Mastiff Rescue, a sanctuary for Mastiff breeds in need of a home and/or medical care, was awarded a grant from Canada’s Farmers Grow Communities, a program sponsored by the Bayer Fund. According to Valley Mastiff’s founder France Turcotte, the donation provided a great deal of relief.

“It lifted such a burden,” said Turcotte. “It meant we could focus less on fundraising and more on caring for our dogs.”

The CFGC program allows farmers to nominate non-profits in their area. Martin Renaud, a farmer from Green Valley, Ontario, chose Valley Mastiff Rescue, a safe place for Mastiff owners and those with similar breeds to surrender their dogs. Turcotte said dogs are surrendered for a variety of reasons.

“Sometimes it’s because of divorce or sickness,” said Turcotte. “They’re often scared of giving up their dog to other individuals for fear of it being euthanized. With us, they can call and check up on how they’re doing.”

Turcotte said that, since receiving the grant for $2,500, Valley Mastiff has gone on to help over a dozen dogs. One such dog, named Lily, is a blind Mastiff who required surgery on one of her eyes. She’s now recovering in a foster home.

“Our goal is to help dogs so they can be adopted and we can continue to rescue more,” said Turcotte. “But, if you don’t have funds, you can’t move forward.”

According to Turcotte, she’s happy and proud to be a CFGC recipient. “I hope other charities can see us as an example of how much good can come out of a grant,” said Turcotte.

Turcotte says the remaining money will be used on emergency surgeries for canines in need.