Bayer Fund

Grant money helps community splash into the future

   St-Pierre-Jolys, Manitoba –  In a small town with a population of only 1,100, it can be difficult to find the excitement and entertainment of big city living.

This was the case for the town of St-Pierre-Jolys.

That is until they received a $2,500 grant from the Bayer Fund’s Canada’s Farmers Grow Communities (CFGC) program, supporting the town’s fundraising efforts to install a splash pad in Parc Carillon.Parc Carillon Splash Pad 1

“We’re very close to the American border and people were often leaving our town to find entertainment elsewhere. We wanted families to be able to stay home and still have fun. The splash pad is literally the focal point of our community now” said Parc Carillon committee member, Bob Haegeman.

The committee began planning and fundraising for the splash pad in 2014 with a goal of raising $300,000, Haegeman said. By 2016 they’d hit their goal and broke ground on the splash pad, but quickly ran into troubles with the filter system, noticing grit clogging the pipes.

“We were dime on spending our fundraising dollars so the grant we got from Bayer was certainly what we needed to install a new filtration system,” Haegeman said.

The system installed with the CFGC grant hasn’t only helped the splash pad, but is servicing the village offices, the park canteen and the campground too.

It was poultry farmer and community member, Marc Cote who nominated the park.

“Projects like this are so beneficial to our community. It brings people together, so I knew I wanted to nominate the park when I heard about the grant,” he said.